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Preface : What have I been upto?

This is my last week at @Flipkart! Thursday- November 30th will be my last day of work, after which I go on a 4-month sabbatical. I will have to return all my IT assets including my beloved MacBook Pro :-(

Back to the Outreachy excitement! There are a lot of things I want to get done before the internship officialy starts on the December 5. I have started to maintain a journal of what I am going to be working on every day. (Thanks to @jaseemabid for the inspiration who was in turn inspired by @recursecenter). The idea of the journaling is to:

  1. Celebrate openness? I am going to be working full-time on FOSS (for the very first time :D), nothing will be proprietary.
  2. Accountability is great.
  3. History is great!

Other than this I have a list of TODOs for this week:

  1. Write a blog post about Outreachy selection and/or a project description. Writing one every two weeks is one of the mandatory parts of the internship.

  2. Back up data from the office laptop.

  3. Set up the borrowed laptop with the linux codebase and all my dotfiles.

  4. Become friends with tmux. Hopefully this third attempt will be my last attempt.

  5. Go through the vimtutor tutorial 3 more times. I know my way around vim pretty good by now and it has made me SO much more productive but it’s easy to forget commands that can save repetetive work. Also build muscle memory.

  6. Complete set-up of the home office. One of the best parts of the internship has to be that it’s completely remote! I am very happy that I get to avoid the horrible every day commute to office. It would mean drastically less exposure to pollution and traffic. Bangalore is kind of notorious for its traffic situation. Last week I bought a laptop stand, a keyboard, a mouse and really nice headphones. I am wondering if I should get a bigger study table. Well, anyway I will figure something out.

  7. Keep reading The Linux Programming Interface by Michael Kerrisk. He is the author of almost 70% of the linux manpages! And the maintainer of the manpages project. Again very happy that I managed to procure a copy. This is the most complete and thourough book on the linux operating system.

This is all for now. I should be back hopefully shortly with the next blog post.